What is the Gospel?

What is the center of the Christian faith? Watch to discover the central news of Christianity: the Gospel. See below also for the text from the handout from the sermon on what the Gospel is.
What is the Gospel?
The definitive Gospel statement is Acts 2:22-47
What God Did
• Verse 22 Jesus is Emanuel, the promised Messiah
• 23 Jesus was crucified and it’s God’s plan at work
• 24-32 Jesus resurrected and it’s God’s plan at work
• 33 Jesus exalted, which is victory over death and demons
• 33 Poured out the Holy Spirit
What We Do
• 37 Conviction – awareness that I have a problem.
• 37 Confession – talking about what I did
• 38 Repent – change basic belief, value, god (Acts 26:20) NOT a change of behavior; change of attitude about God, change who is my god, change what I trust. This will produce fruit if the repentance is real.
• 38 Baptized – the expression and confirmation before God, family and friends of my new repentance and faith; baptism is to the Christian life as a wedding is to married life.
• 41 Accept – believe, trust
What We Get
• 38 New Standing (forgiveness, acceptance, justification) – by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.
• 38 New Spirit – Gift of Spirit and regeneration (new heart and indwelling Spirit).
• 42-47 New Community
• 45-47 New Mission
“The gospel is not just the ABC’s of the Christian life but the A to Z of the Christian life.” – Tim Keller
The Gospel saves and sustains. Understanding the Gospel is a point and a process.
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